4 Practical Steps to Rekindle Inspiration even after Exasperation

Get ready for a mind warp. You have now entered a universe where problems are worth their weight in gold, conflict makes you more creative, and writer’s block is a sign that you’re about to have a major breakthrough. Yes, my friend, welcome to a world of revolutionary optimism where even the most frustrating setbacks become fodder for radical gratitude. This creative process isn’t just a journey, it’s an adventure and epiphanies are the reward.

By writing your story you will transform difficult struggles into a gift for yourself and others. It’s the work you were put on earth to do. However, often the most meaningful projects pose the greatest obstacles. That’s where I can help. The Meaning Method is a series of techniques that dramatically increase inspiration by guiding you through the narrative arc with proven coaching strategies.

Whether you’re ready to dive into a new manuscript, or you are well into the process but need to get unstuck, this book will help you kick-starting epiphanies and get you back into an abundant creative flow.



Although it may sound counterintuitive to take a strategic approach to big epiphanies, you’ll find as our adventures unfold that it’s quite natural. We make creativity harder than it needs to be. Major breakthroughs are not about figuring anything out, they are about allowing something to be revealed. When you anchor your story in meaning and lay down the structure, all the answers you’re searching for already exist, you just have to let the s