Add Magic to Your Writing...

I created this book to guide beginning authors through a transformative experience of writing their first book. One step at a time The Meaning Method takes you deeper into the significance of your own story, and the book that you've always wanted to write. You will encounter new realms of imagination and inspiration by experimenting with numerous exercises and learning the techniques of narrative form. This book provides you with a map of the stages of the creative process so that you become the thriving author you were always meant to be.

Your story matters to more than just you.

People who live their dreams know how to turn tragedy into triumph. That's why books change lives. You don't need to know everything to write your book, you just need that impulse. The Meaning Method will become a trustworthy companion as you advance along the journey.

The Meaning Method is set to launch in January 2018, but you can get started with the first chapters now. By signing up for the this free gift you'll also receive my weekly newsletter with all sorts of tips and tricks for more inspired writing.