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One of the most transformational experiences of my life.

When I met Emily, I had a dream to be an author, but I hadn’t written anything in 20 years. I tried some free online tools to plot and outline my book. I also tried some free tools to help create character sketches, but I had no idea how to weave them together into a story.

Without a doubt I recommend a course with Emily. She is a loving and encouraging teacher who will believe in you on days you don't believe in yourself. I have taken many courses, and this has been one of the most transformational and meaningful experiences of my life.

Finishing my book is a huge accomplishment, but it was the transformation in myself that I most value. I showed up unsure that I could write a paragraph, then not sure I could write a scene, then not sure I could write dialogue, and then not sure how I would stitch the pieces together in a book. Now I can do those things. I know my creativity is something I won't push aside again.

- Katie Mongelli, Deep Creek, Lake Maryland


The fact that I'm about to write my fifth book with Emily probably speaks for itself.

I have a Masters in writing and am a published author but Emily has taught me more in the first few weeks than that degree did in two years. Most importantly, Emily has designed a course that moves beyond the analytics of writing to focus on unleashing creativity. And good writing, after all, is all about creativity. I can’t thank Emily enough for accepting me onto her program and supporting me in my latest writing endeavor.

Before I met Emily, I would start off in one direction and then try another one and quickly get discouraged. Emily helped me focus. With a clear direction, I was able to write that first book in about six months. But my real excitement came in writing the next novels. I swapped genres to write psychological thrillers - the type of books I choose to read. During the eighteen months, Emily has supported me in writing four novels and I’ve just started the fifth. There is no way that I could have written three books in the past nine months without Emily’s support. The fact that I am about to start writing my fifth book with Emily probably speaks for itself! If anyone would like to speak to me directly about working with Emily, I’d be delighted to share my experiences.

Miranda Rijks, London, United Kingdom


Emily helps you get through the blocks that stop you from finishing your book.

My biggest problem was understanding how to finish my book. I kept on writing new books instead of seeing the whole process through. I had started writing several books and really wanted to start my journey as an author, but had no idea what was preventing me from making it happen.

Emily really understands the journey a creative person goes through when they are trying to transform ideas into a book that someone can read, understand and enjoy. Emily helps you get through the blocks that stop you from finishing your book. Now, I see what was blocking me and all that’s involved in the book writing process.

-Tracy Durrant, United Kingdom


I'm excited about my manuscript and I know it will serve others.

Before I met Emily, I knew I had a book in me, but I didn't know where to begin or what purpose my book could serve for my coaching practice. I thought what had stopped me from writing a book was fear about the publishing process, but now looking back I think it was more about fearing that I wouldn't have enough to say.

Now that I've finished my first manuscript, one of those initial fears about the publishing process aren't so daunting anymore because I'm excited about my manuscript and I know it will serve others. The structure kept me moving forward, and Emily's encouragement both stretched me as a writer and promoted meaning in the depth of my experiences.

It's clear that Emily has done the energy work herself because she's passionate about cultivating the imagination as a tool of spiritual growth. This course is a brilliant marriage between the writing process and the internal healing it can bring, not only for the individual who's doing the writing, but for all that will benefit from the writer's work.

- Cory Thomsen, Katy, Texas


Emily’s program is very easy to incorporate into a busy schedule and not get overwhelmed.

I’m a mother of an 8 and 12-year-old, work full-time, chauffeur for all kid activities, and attempt to have a life of my own as well. Emily’s coaching program is very easy to incorporate into a busy schedule and not get overwhelmed. I went from thinking about writing all the time, but never acting on it, to being driven to write. The exercises have also been great to help get to the root of the storyline.

-Ami Rose, Duluth, Minnesota


How long are the videos?

Each module is made up of a series of 5 videos, of 8-15 minutes for easy consumption. Each module totals about an hour of material with a detailed workbook to put the lessons into practice.  

How long do I have to get through the course?

You’ll have access to this course indefinitely, so you can work through the material at your own pace. We’ll be on track together for the next 4 weeks, with TWO GROUP COACHING SESSIONS at week 2 and week 4. I’m also going to offer a NEW YEARS meet up session, to start 2019 out strong. Including the 2 bonus modules, and bonus guides, there is about 7 weeks of material contained in the course.

If I change my mind can I get a refund?

*You are entitled to a full refund IF you purchase and use the product and do not get any result from it. Proof of completion will need to be shown for you to get your refund and within 14 days of purchase. 

I've been thinking about working with you but not sure if this the right thing or not?

If you decide to work with me in the one on one author program after this, the price of this course will be taken off and you will essentially get this for free. :) Working with a coach or mentor is a big decision and I want you to make the right one! Email me to discuss more. 

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