You have a story inside of you.

If you were reading a book inspired by your life experience, you would understand things that currently boggle you, you would feel things you're currently not allowing yourself to feel, and you would see even the problems that crush you as beautiful. That's what stories do. They embrace the entire spectrum of human experience. The only reason you can't read that book is because it hasn't been written. That's where I can help.  You don't need to know everything to write your book, you just need that impulse. Through coaching the creative process will teach you as you go, and the final product is truly transformative. 

What is Meaning Method Coaching?

The Meaning Method is a series of coaching techniques that keep you in the creative flow by heightening inspiration and breaking through even the toughest writer's blocks. 


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What can you expect from Meaning Method Coaching?

  • Personalized mentoring in story from and literary devices that will save you years of study in expensive creative writing classes.

  • Coaching calls that quickly deliver you through any writer's block that may have sabotaged your dreams in the past. 

  • Regular accountability and guiltless check-ins that are flexible to your schedule so we can develop writing habits that actually work for you.

  • Spiritual practices that are specifically suited to you as an individual in order to trigger epiphanies that send your creativity soaring. 

  • Supportive guidance and encouragement on the parts of your manuscript which need focus so you save yourself several time-consuming drafts.

  • Productivity tools that allow you to clearly visualize and achieve your goals in a fraction of the time.

  • Confidence in a product that can take you to the next level as a published author. 

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