I can help you take your book from early vision to final victory so you can put that coveted word AUTHOR on the banner of your homepage. By sharing your story you discover how many people need help with the same things. You find out help with the same things. You find out how many people are just looking for someone to reach back from the other side of hard times.

Your story matters, and it matters to more than just you. 

When writing from experience many people are reasonably afraid that what they have to say might hurt the people they love. I understand this. I've been there myself. However in my case, and in so many other's I've coached, the creative process lead us to a place we never could have imagined at the beginning of the vision (before we started to worry). By working through the story, and writing, moment to moment, we realized it never required us to hurt anyone else.  

The way to live your best life is simply by being yourself.

It all starts with your story. 


The Hayden Collective

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