Unleash Creativity

I have a Masters in writing and am a published author but Emily has taught me more in the first few weeks than that degree did in two years. Most importantly, Emily has designed a course that moves beyond the analytics of writing to focus on unleashing creativity. And good writing, after all, is all about creativity. I can’t thank Emily enough for accepting me onto her program and supporting me in my latest writing endeavor.

-Miranda Rijks, London, United Kingdom


Find Your Purpose

I came to Emily for help writing a book, but I’ve come away with (not only a book) but a new outlook on life. I can see it’s all just good book fodder. For someone who has spent 20 years (well, I’m 40 shortly, so I guess 40 years) searching desperately for meaning and purpose, to be able to objectively look back and see that this has all been created for me, to get to this very moment has been so enlightening , fulfilling and impactful.

-Karly Nimmo, Lennox Head, Austraila


Push Through Resistence

"Resistance and fear rarely give out their names. They usually lurk in the shadows content to pull your strings, hold you back and make it seem to be about a million other things. Emily has an uncanny ability to recognize it for what it is and help you move through it. She has an endless stream of tools, tricks and exercises to not only nudge out valuable pieces but also to help you get into the flow of writing and so, there’s no way out, only through. Once you’re in your book will gain life in ways you may never have dreamed."

-Mariaestela Gullestrup, Denmark


Change Your Life and Business

Emily’s coaching has helped overcome so many hurdles I didn’t even know I had. I’m writing so much now, and it’s so much easier. And of course that means that my writing is improving. I feel like I’m just starting to find my own style now that I’m more relaxed. I couldn’t have gotten that from a book or video. Really, Emily’s coaching has changed my life.

-Karen Attman, Bogota, Colombia


Master Your Time

I’m a mother of an 8 and 12-year-old, work full-time, chauffeur for all kid activities, and attempt to have a life of my own as well. Emily’s coaching program is very easy to incorporate into a busy schedule and not get overwhelmed. I went from thinking about writing all the time, but never acting on it, to being driven to write. The exercises have also been great to help get to the root of the storyline.

-Ami Rose, Duluth, Minnesota