Hi, I'm Emily, creator of The Meaning Method. I've always used stories to navigate the adventures of life. For years, I taught English literature at an international school here in Bogotá. My fiction has been published in literary magazines and won some nice awards. I’ve also spent time living with gypsies in the South of India in order to turn their stories into grant money for education. When you live life as a story, your imagination becomes the realm of possibility. 

A client once called me “a therapist for the imagination,” and something inside me screamed, “Yes! That’s what I do.” I can help you open up the visions in your mind that fill you with courage and inspiration. My mission is to help you turn your stories of struggle and triumph into a book that captures the significance of the experience. 

I first discovered the transformative power of writing in my early twenties. I was an undergraduate at the University of Iowa with a full scholarship for creative writing, but I was insecure, overwhelmed and intimidated by the scope of my dreams. At the time, I struggled with a severe addiction to amphetamines which I fictionalized in my stories. The process of creative development accompanied me throughout those excruciating early days, teaching me everything I needed to understand along the way.  

You see, the messages we’re dying to decode are hidden in the book we`re meant to write. We don’t need to find what we’re searching for anywhere else. The stages of the creative process teach us what we need to know if only we can get the words out. And if we allow our story to transform us, it will transform others as well.

These days, my life is totally different. I've had success in both traditional and self publishing, but more importantly, I've learned to make the life I imagined a reality. And it did not start out that way! For me, seeing life as a story and facing fear early on lead to big adventures. I fell in love in Colombia and started my family in a new country. Today I pursue my writing dreams in Bogotá, with my husband Mauricio and my son Martín.