Your story matters to more than just you. 

With the Meaning Method Intuitive Program, I've designed a one-on-one experience that turns coaches, artists, intuitives and healers into thriving authors. Explore your own creative writing process with guidance and inspiration.

However the writing part can be daunting.

Where do I start? And once I get those first inspired insights down, where do I go from there? 

How vulnerable is too vulnerable? What if my story is just "too much information"?

What if my writing hurts someone I love? In fact, who even cares what I have to say? Who am I to even write this?

Writing brings up our biggest doubts about ourselves, our professional skills, our expertise, even our worthiness to be an author and experience success. Usually this is subconscious and we call it "writer's block."

People who live their dreams know how to turn tragedy into triumph. That's why books change lives.

What is Meaning Method Coaching?

The Meaning Method is a series of coaching techniques to guide you through the stages of the creative process and break through writer's block. We use narrative exercises that keep you grounded in the significance of your work while mentoring you through story structures that  resonate with your audience.The result is a book with depth and compelling relevance in a fraction of the time. 

What can you expect from Meaning Method Coaching?

  • Personalized mentoring in story from will enhance your voice and allow you to resonate, saving years of expensive writing classes.

  • Coaching calls that meet your needs and deliver you through any writer's block that may have sabotaged your dreams in the past. 

  • Regular accountability and guiltless check-ins that are flexible to your schedule so we can develop writing habits that actually work for you.

  • Spiritual practices that are specifically suited to you as an individual in order to trigger epiphanies that maximize your creative thinking process. 

  • Supportive guidance on the parts of your manuscript which need focus to save you months of guesswork.

  • Productivity tools that allow you to clearly navigate the stages of creativity and achieve your goals in a fraction of the time.

  • Confidence in a product that can take you to the next level as a published author.