I created this method to guide new authors through the experience of writing their first book, one step at a time. You will encounter new realms of imagination and inspiration by experimenting with a variety of exercises. Together we map out the creative process so that you become the thriving author you were always meant to be.

HereĀ“s what people are saying about the book:

"Earlier this week, I bought  The Meaning Method and read the section that culminates in this sentence: 'The meaning of life is a verb, not a noun.'
Talk about epiphanies. Blew. My. Mind. Rocked my world. Made me call my (adult) daughter into the room so I could read the section aloud to her. (She was equally struck and said, 'Now that's the sort of thing you could tattoo onto your body!') In short, a total game changer.
You just managed to translate all the elusive (to me) language of spiritual wisdom (as found in religion, philosophy, and ancient traditions) into something I (as a writer) can understand at the soul level."

-Renae Rude