Find Time to Write with this Simple Magic Trick

Be honest with me here. When it comes to creativity, do you ever ask yourself, “Why is there never any time?” “Why am I always behind?” “Why can’t I get some help around here?”

I learned a fun trick that goes a long way to solving exactly those problems.

When frustration builds around a specific issue such as never having time for your creative writing process, it’s natural that some version of “Why me?” will echo in your mind.

The thing is that those are all negative questions, and at a subconscious level they will keep generating negative answers: There is never any time to write because… I can’t get this done because…. My family doesn’t support me because… Then come the answers:  work, kids, dishes, clients, and weekends full of assorted obligations.

Those reasons why you can’t do something start to pile up like bricks and build a subconscious wall between you and what you want.But there's a very simple way to flip this around.

Now just try this simple trick and switch the negative question into a productive one. Rather than asking, “Why can’t I find time to write?” Start asking, “How can I find time to write?” or “How can I move forward with this?” or “How can I get some more help around here?”

A whole new stream of answers come flooding in. Get up earlier. Hire a babysitter. Do the dishes faster. Communicate your needs. Your brain rarely leaves a question hanging, so if you simply ask it, ideas will start rushing in.

Brains always try to close an open loop and suddenly you eek out an hour or two in a schedule that had seemed totally full.  

You can use this trick in any area of your life where you’re frustrated. You’ll start to notice that negative questions spiral downward: “Why me?” And you can just flip them to an upward spiral: “How can I get what I want out of life despite all that?” That’s the beginning of everything good in this world.

If you find this blog helpful, share this with a friend. They’ll be grateful and I will too!