The Harmful Habit that Stops you from Developing your Intuition


As a writer, are you developing your intuitive skills? I’m telling you, it’s the best way to increase your creative flow, not to mention it’s a blast.  The structure, aesthetic, and the material itself come from our intuitive capacities. Whether you're writing fiction or nonfiction, all of your creative ideas come through intuition.

When you block that flow it feels like you´re pen has dried up. 

Of course, I love talking about ways to develop your intuition by noticing synchronicity and coming out of the spiritual closet. But this week I want to talk about the biggest block. It’s a simple phrase: “It’s just my imagination.” If you have an idea that’s been nudging you and could quite possibly become a book, that single phrase will shut down your entire internal messaging system.

Your imagination tells you when you’re in love, when you’re in danger, and it even tells you what you need to write. If you take nothing else away from this experience, please remember, it’s never “just” your imagination. Trust your imagination!

If you want your creative life to flourish, never diminish your imagination.

For many of us, when we were growing up, day-dreaming was considered a waste of time. Until recently the vital role of dreaming during sleep wasn’t even understood. Now we know that both day dreaming and night dreaming are far from frivolous, they’re essential for mental health and personal development.  They take us out of the dictates of external reality and move us into the abstract, metaphorical and imaginary. The realm of possibility.

The best way to honor what pops into your imagination, is simply by jotting it down. If you do that much more will flow in. When you grab a pen and a napkin the Universe takes that as a sign to send more. 

The funny thing is, that as you write down what enters your imagination, you’ll start to find that you’re not simply making things up. These ideas aren’t coming out of a void, they’re coming from an intuitive source. This idea has chosen you and is pouring itself into your mind. This means that you’re supposed to bring it into the world.

So the major action for this week is very simple: do that brain dump. What is the particular idea that’s been nudging you? Write it down. You’ll be amazed at how your life begins to shift.