The Surprising History of Manifesting and How It’s Changing


These days, a lot of people manifesting all over the place. The results are pretty amazing. Just last month I opened my mind, said a prayer, and wrote 8 things I was ready to receive. These were high hopes that I didn’t even consider probable (due to limiting beliefs) and within 24 hours, 5 of them were at my doorstep. In 2 weeks, all of them and more. Things like money, new relationships and recognition in my career.

Where the heck did that power come from? How did I not know my own talents in sorcery? Why have I wasted so much time underestimating myself?

These are questions we could all ask ourselves.

In ancient Greece “manifestation” was also a popular concept, the one major difference being that humans couldn’t do it. Only gods. I find that fascinating, when you look at how spirituality has changed over the millennia. When it comes to manifesting, we’re claiming creative empowerment that used to be reserved only for the gods!

For the Greeks, if a deity wanted to make something happen, you could be quite sure it would manifest, unless it conflicted with another deity. That’s one big difference between now and then. Back then gods were personified with all these human qualities. They were vengeful, lusting, pleased or angry, and humans were constantly trying to decipher their mood swings. I talk more about this in my book, The Meaning Method.

Today we’re no longer at the mercy of whimsical deities, but of our own psychological and mental blocks. Connecting with our Greek godlike superpowers is all about alignment. I’m preaching to myself here. Historically, I’m far more likely to work myself to burn out. It’s a family tradition. In fact, it’s a global tradition: work extremely hard, because most of life is out of your hands.

But suddenly, it’s not like that.

In the past decade the internet has been flooded with new businesses and free information. As a result, getting what we want is more about shifting focus rather than chasing it. More alignment to who we are and what we can do for the world translates to a lot less work for a lot more gain. That simply wasn’t true for the Ancient Greeks, or even our parents. They didn´t have that kind of flexibility. There weren´t as many options.

Alignment is more important than ever because what you want is out there, you just need to position yourself in order to receive it.

That’s why I wanted to pass along the manifesting technique that worked wonders for me by creating alignment with what’s actually possible. I learned this from the fantastic Jennifer Blanchard:

Write down the words, “I’m open to receiving…” and fill in the blank. Rinse and repeat ten times. Stretch for at least 10! If it’s a simple issue of alignment that blocks you from what you want, consciously opening your mind allows magic to pour in.