Why Every Writer Should Know About the Miracles of Energy Work


Have you ever been challenged by a glut of emotion that stopped you from writing your book? This could come in a variety of forms: anxiety, sadness, insecurity, or a bomb of self-criticism. And it seems that right on the other side of this emotional wall there is the dream of that book. You just have to get to the other side.

Here’s the thing that most people know intuitively, but not just anybody can explain: When you create something to be put out into the world, it heals you. As a writing coach, this is a pattern I see over and over again. People start to write the book they were meant to write, and then receive all these spiritual breakthroughs. That's where energy work makes all the difference!

The messages we’re dying to understand are hidden in our own stories. The creative process teaches us what we need to know, if we can only get the words out. And if we allow our story to transform us, it will transform others as well.

That´s why, this week, I was offered an opportunity to get certified in energy work and my heart screamed, “YES!” and I went for it. I’m doing all the course work now.

So, you might be asking, “What’s energy work?”

Energy work can span from anything like meditation to yoga to tapping to reiki. I work specifically with the chakras, because they give you an incredible boost in creativity.  What are chakras? They’re energetic organs. When they’re healthy your life is aligned and in flow, but when your chakras get blocked, you get blocked too.

I use the chakra system to help writers find inspiration, while drawing on their experiences to develop their books, spirituality and lives.

You see, when we receive inspiration it comes in from the top down. It´s like a gift from a really high vibration. Sometimes it sounds like a voice with a specific message, sometimes it´s a bolt of excitement around an idea. That´s energy. That´s what happens when your crown chakra opens.

Spiritual development on the other hand is usually taught from the bottom of the chakra system up. We´re born onto this planet and we go through various experiences that force us to reach higher, that allow us to become wise. Eventually we can use our struggles to help others go through the same thing.

Energetically, inspiration is like a gift coming from spirit and the pain you go through here on earth is meant to be offered up to spirit, and used to help others.

That´s what we do when we write a story. Inspiration meets experience and they combine. Writing a story is the most profound way to understand the meaning of what you’ve been through in your life so far. In literature, all experience has value. 

Recently I came similar quote by Mike Dooley, “Look to life’s beauty for truth. And look to what hurts for beauty.” The true significance of turning hardship into art is that we can take a moment that once left us drowning in pain and turn it into something beautiful that connects us with others.

In the coming months, I’m going to develop a new Meaning Method program based on energy work. It’s the same great process, but now it will be enhanced with energy work.

So how can you take action now? If you haven’t done it already, download my freebie “6 Practical Steps to Creative Breakthroughs” because it's the basis of everything to come, and it's going to change in a couple of weeks! This includes strategies to increase synchronicity and imagination, as well as overcome fear. You can get it by subscribing below.

Also, if you know a friend who would be interested in this material, forward this blog to a friend today. The promotions for the new program will start rolling out soon! There are going to be a lot of fun opportunities for inexpensive group coaching sessions coming up!