It's Okay That You Hear Voices

This blog post was so fun to write because I know some of my beloved friends will think I've finally gone off the deep end! 


At the same time we all know that self talk is a natural facet of human psychology, and we work with the things we tell ourselves all the time. Creative people tend to talk to themselves. In fact, I'm at a loss to think of anybody close to me who I haven't overheard speaking out their thoughts at one point or another. 

My father used to say, "Sometimes it's the only intelligent conversation I get!"

Even this blog started out as a voice in my head. 

So yes, now that I've normalized it, I'm ready to dive off the deep end. I want to talk about energy concepts that are fundamental to developing your imagination. 

Maybe you've heard of them before:

  • clairvoyance: "clear seeing"
  • clairaudience: "clear hearing"
  • clairsentience: "clear feeling"

Basically, these terms refer to seeing, hearing and feeling things that aren't part of our immediate environment. We experience this when we pull up memories, or plan for the future, or go on imaginary journeys in our mind. These terms may sound mysterious, or even spooky, until you realize that the human cortex was made for this and it's a part of our very nature. 

When you develop confidence in these gifts, your books and stories flow smoothly. These are enormous facets of our minds that traditional education doesn't do nearly enough to explore. Sometimes it scares me when we have so much structured activities for small children which yanks them out of this interior seeing and hearing and knowing, and focuses everything on the outside.  

Of course, these terms are related to intuition as well. Many mothers have experienced clairsentience, when they felt something was wrong with their child. Many authors experience clairaudience when they hear new ideas coming in so clearly, it's almost like listening to a voice. Yet most of us don't recognize these abilities, so we don't strengthen them. 

We say it's just our imagination, and we don't take them seriously. That's the inner critic. Another kind of voice. It says, "The ideas you're coming up with don't mean anything. They're unrealistic. Ignore them."

We've been talking a lot about the inner critic in the Facebook Group, and last week I was struck by a quote from a friend, Natalie Walker Brimble. She said, "Imagine if we obsessed about the things we loved about ourselves." That makes me wonder what would happen if we obsessed about the possibilities that arise in our minds. Chances are we'd find new clarity about what we're supposed to do in this life. That's why it's called, clear seeing, clear hearing and clear feeling. It's all about clarity.

Therefore the action for this week is unstructured play. Dive into your book, story or simply your imagination and start to see, hear and feel things that aren't actually there. If you want you can even taste the food! (It's called clairgustance.) Long story short: clarity develops the imagination, and judgment tears it down. And once you start developing the imagination, the opportunities are endless. And you won't go crazy!