Why Creativity Is Like Cash

Somewhere along the line I got the idea that there's a limited amount of money in the world. 

I'm really working on this.


It's like every time I spend a dollar, I'm never going to see a dollar again. I have three piggy banks stuffed full of $20 bills waiting for the Zombie apocalypse. Which would deem them all useless anyway.

Can't you just picture me running around, arms loaded with my piggy banks, during a Zombie apocalypse?

And yet I don't believe this about words. I know that if I finish one blog post, another blog post will be on it's way. As soon as I write a book, I can think of five more books I want to write. I realize that if I have an idea, that's a sign of more ideas to come. 

Therefore I would like to propose a trade.

I would like to give away my mindset on creativity in exchange for the money mindset of other people. 

Maybe you have a fierce inner critic and a lot of resistance around writing. You may think, "Any creativity I have was a lucky shot in the dark. What if it's never coming back?!! I'm burned out and done for. I'm going to have to grip on to that one poem I wrote in 1985 because that spark of inspiration is never coming back again."

That's exactly how I feel about money.

Please, let me trade with you.

Okay, okay, I know all of these limiting beliefs come out one layer at a time. Still and all, I'd love to offer some relief if you find yourself abused by your mindset on creativity.

You are the source.

If somebody steals your idea, it's not all that different from somebody stealing your money. They're not going to be able to do much with it, if they don't understand that they are also connected to a renewable source of money, love, creativity, whatever.  

Stop hoarding your creativity. You've got an endless supply. When you put one idea out there more will grow. Here are three helpful tips to help maintain an abundant mindset about creativity.

  1. Gratitude: When you get an idea write it down and don’t judge it right away. Think about the things you’re really grateful about in your life. Do you judge them? And aren’t you still grateful despite their imperfections. Harness every idea you get, keep a scrap notebook, and see what develops.

  2. Don’t Hoard: Some people are afraid to start a blog because somebody might steal there ideas. So they keep those ideas hidden from the world in order to protect them. And nothing happens after that. The fact is, that we live in a time when there’s an exciting and rapid paced conversation. Many people are developing similar strains of thought and they borrow and trade philosophies. I think the best attitude here is not to hide your light under a barrel, instead join the conversation!

  3. Recognize you’re limitless. Another fret that comes up is, "What if I run out of things to say.” Impossible. Creativity is a muscle. Curiosity is a muscle. Self expression is a muscle. The more you use it the stronger and more abundant it becomes.

Thanks so much for accompanying me this week, where I transferred an area of strength to an area of weakness. You can do this for yourself too! If you’re trying to grow in any area of your life (be it creativity or something else), think of a different area of your life where you already feel confident and in the flow, and transfer them over to the area where you’re growing. I can feel my money mindset changing already!