Why Meditation Increases Synchronicity and Creativity


Every once in a while, in this baffling jigsaw that is life, some unseen force bends logic just to send you clues. Magical “coincidences” that provide us with a wink of support right when we needed something, anything, to lighten our load.  As if the Universe doesn’t want us to give up hope. I'm so grateful and wouldn’t be enjoying my author career without them.

But let me be clear, this is not dumb luck. When you follow your inner guidance and connect it to something greater than yourself, the exterior world responds in surprising ways. All of a sudden, it’s as if everything aligns to help you write your book.

Synchronicity is the organic nature of creativity. It’s pretty much the only way that anything ever works. In a Universe that began with clouds of negative and positive particles warring against one another, it really is a miracle we’ve come this far. Step by step happy accidents began to coincide out of the cosmic dust.  

We’re not separate, we just think we are. That’s why synchronicity works. Of course, many of us ascribe to the spiritual belief that we’re connected by a deeper unity, religions were built on this fundamental belief. Yet, it’s usually not our day to day experience.

Actually, the illusion of separation is a great thing.  It’s the left brain that separates reality into words, tasks and strategies. Thank God for it. However, many of us feel trapped, searching for our purpose in the words and tasks, rather than allowing our purpose to inspire the words and tasks. The tail is wagging the dog.

The problem is we get way out of balance and completely lose touch of that right-brained sensation of unity by overthinking. We feel we’re responsible for everything which can lead to a painful sense of solitude. We need to control, measure and judge in order to be safe. We completely lose our sense of humor. Fat chance of receiving synchronicities then.

Meditation allows you to place little gaps in your stream of thought so you’re not trapped in the sense of separation. You don’t need to shut down thought entirely, all you need is the intention and the rest takes care of itself. (I should know.)

When you’re in balance its as if all that neurosis is overcome with beautiful lucidity. How quickly do problems get solved when you’re calm and lucid? It’s not magic, it’s meditation.

All the words, tasks and strategies of the left brain are still there, but they make sense in the larger whole. You’re not searching.

You don’t need to shut off your thoughts to meditate, anymore than you need to win a marathon on your first run. Don’t be bothered if a title wave of random thoughts wipes you out. That’s where we all start. There are a million ways to meditate such as breathing meditations, guided meditations, mantra meditations, etc. Whatever feels good and keeps you coming back is the right way for you. Obviously, the benefits are incredible. You’ll have far more clarity when you write, your process will come together more quickly and organically.