Grow Your Audience While Writing Your Manuscript

Here’s a Sneak Peek of What’s Inside…


This course shows you how grow your audience by using social media to write your book. It combines the engagement of Facebook and Instagram, with the depth of a manuscript, even before you finish the manuscript.

If you're constantly writing just to keep up with social media, but can't find the time to write a book, I've got your answers here. Or if you're already an author and want to find innovative ways to market your book, you're going to love this.

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What Will We Be Covering?

1. 👉 Outline the Book

This module guides you through the structure (fiction and nonfiction) so you have a clear vision of your book. That way when you write your social content, it fits into the big picture of advancing your manuscript. 

2. 👉 Plan Your Content Calendar

Here we take the vision of your book and map it onto a content calendar. We use a strategy so you’re never giving away too much and yet, you're always enticing readers with samples of your work.

3. 👉 Engage Your Audience

Next we use your own brilliant ideas in a way that really grows your audience. You're going to learn strategies that increase your numbers, create relationships, and get more friends and followers interested in your content. 

4. 👉 Blog Your Chapters

This is a place where you can have fun sketching your ideas. Plus, with the help of worksheets, you're never confronting a blank page. You always have prompts to get you started. 

5. 👉 Draft the Manuscript

Finally, we make the process of writing your book far less intimidating, because you've developed the ideas and started up the conversation from here. Just imagine, when you sit down to write, most of the hard work is already done. 


A Sneak Peak Into “The Writer’s Lab” Program with one of my most powerful inspiration exercises to get your creative juices flowing and express the profound message you’re meant to share.


But don’t just take my word for it. Hear some of the things the women who already done this had to say…


Emily helps you get through the blocks that stop you from finishing your book.

My biggest problem was understanding how to finish my book. I kept on writing new books instead of seeing the whole process through. I had started writing several books and really wanted to start my journey as an author, but had no idea what was preventing me from making it happen.

Emily really understands the journey a creative person goes through when they are trying to transform ideas into a book that someone can read, understand and enjoy. Emily helps you get through the blocks that stop you from finishing your book. Now, I see what was blocking me and all that’s involved in the book writing process.

-Tracy Durrant, United Kingdom


Emily’s program is very easy to incorporate into a busy schedule and not get overwhelmed.

I’m a mother of an 8 and 12-year-old, work full-time, chauffeur for all kid activities, and attempt to have a life of my own as well. Emily’s coaching program is very easy to incorporate into a busy schedule and not get overwhelmed. I went from thinking about writing all the time, but never acting on it, to being driven to write. The exercises have also been great to help get to the root of the storyline.

-Ami Rose, Duluth, Minnesota


How long are the videos?

The program is comprised of 7 videos, of 10-20 minutes each for easy consumption. Each video includes a detailed worksheet with examples, and guides to organize your work.

How long do I have to get through the course?

There’s just over an hour of video content, and a few hours of worksheet homework.

I’m just looking to create a plan for the rest of the year, will this help?

Yes! You can continue to use these worksheets to organize all your social content and book chapters, for the span of time it takes to write it.