How to Use Gratitude to Connect with Your Muse

This was one of my favorite moments in September. I was kind of spinning my wheels on a project, when a thought from left field popped into my head. Suddenly I wondered if people in my Facebook community would be interested in learning about muses.

The Message was simple:

Hey Everybody! I'm pushing my own boundary here, about something I'm wondering whether or not to include in my course. It's about using your muse. I know a lot about this, and am wondering whether or not to share.

It's kind of delicate for me, and I'd love your feedback.

Over the past year I've had such a fun adventure getting certified in energy work. For me, it was a really authentic way to develop spiritually. And I can't BELIEVE how much it helped me understand my muses.

I've been writing all my life, and as a kid, poetry would come to me, almost like someone was whispering to me. As I got older and lost myself in obligations (especially in my 30s!!!) I started to lose touch with that voice. .

I was still writing, but I was trying too hard.

However, when I've opened up deep into my spiritual practices, and meditation, I've been able to use that guidance to pull me through. It's been so important to the shifts I've made in my life, and writing, and business.

What do you think, is it too woo? Or would people be interested in learning about this if it was framed correctly?

I was nervous. Can you tell?

However, within the first hour there were a dozen amazingly supportive responses encouraging me to go for it! People were interested. Comments never flood in that quickly.

When that happened. I was floored. Nothing less than floored.


It stunned me that people would actually be interested in the idiosyncratic talents and experiences I had to offer. It made me nervous to take another step out of the spiritual closet, but I felt like if I was honest with people who already knew me, this might work.

From a young age, I’ve been able to connect with my imagination in a profound way in order to receive guidance on creative projects. And it works. It really helps. I can’t imagine my life without those helpful hints, surprises and synchronicities.

As a classroom teacher, I really didn’t think anybody else would be interested. People didn’t usually make that kind of thing a part of the lesson plan.

Yet, during my last year of school teaching, I was also taking certification courses in energy work, and I was learning how these idiosyncratic gifts could be taught in practical, tangible ways.

The first time I actually tried to sit down and receive information from a muse I was trying way to hard. It was kind of funny. I was concentrated. Eyes squinted. Looking a little ridiculous.

And yet, something felt momentous. The room was quiet. I could feel a sense of significance. Something larger was at play.

So I squinted and concentrated and went into fake meditation aaaaand nothing.

Nothing but the urge to pick up a specific book. It was a journal that had a novel by Charles Dickens written in fine print in between the lines. I opened it up and thumbed the pages, and for the first time noticed a particular quote printed in red.

“As we looked full at one another, I felt my breath come quicker in my strong desire to get something out of him. And as I felt that it came quicker, and as I felt that he saw it came quicker, I felt that I had less chance than ever of getting anything out of him.”

- from Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

That synchronicity made me laugh out loud, and thank God, because through this whole process I’d been taking myself way too seriously. I’d been trying so hard that I’d been completely overlooking how naturally the whole process was.

After that laughter, I was able to relax and had one of the most connected intuitive experiences of my life. I’d learned exactly the skill I needed to learn, at exactly the moment I needed to learn it.

But as any intuitive will tell you, trying too hard screws everything up.

This was really difficult for me to grasp at first, because how are you supposed to get anything done if you don’t try?!?!

The answer I eventually discovered was to build confidence.

How do you do that?

By being grateful what you have, rather than trying to hard to get what you don’t have yet.

Perhaps this sounds simple, and I know you’ve heard it before. But it is a necessary first step because you can’t move forward unless you appreciate and recognize how far you’ve come.

As I mentioned, the connection that I’ve been able to develop intuitively with muses in my writing (and my business for that matter) has been built up through synchronicities over time. And not a lot of time, to be exact. Once you really start appreciating synchronicities, things move fast.

So, if this is something you’re curious about, get in the Facebook Group and on the waiting list for my course, because I’ll explain the process in a lot more detail. But for now, start to notice the synchronicities that are coming your way. Start with the simplest things. Let everything be a miracle: the evolution of your cells, the orbit of the earth, the roof over your head.

Then go another step. If things line up and you arrive to a meeting on time when you thought you’d be late. Be grateful that something helped you out. If you’re researching and all of a sudden you find exactly what you’re looking for, be grateful that something helped you out. For me, those were the first steps. I started to believe I wasn’t alone in the things I was trying to create. The rest will unfold naturally.

I’m not saying every single time that you have a stroke of luck there’s a guardian angel or a muse at play. However, if you’re going after something meaningful and authentic, odds are, something’s gonna give you a hand with that. You’ll start to get more of a feel for it as you continue down the path.