Visualize Your Book, Your Readers and Your Life as an Author


Now I know for sure, one of the biggest blocks to following through with your book and becoming an author is a lack of belief. A lack of belief that it will propel you forward as an entrepreneur or authorpreneur. A lack of belief that you will connect with readers who are hungry for your words. A lack of belief that this is a viable future.

You just can’t see it!

So when Elizabeth McCloud, a member of our community and visualization coach offered some advice specifically for authors, I took her up on it. She has plenty of advice on how to get in the flow and stay there.

You’ve got a blank piece of paper in front of have the kernel of an idea...the seeds of a story….but how do you start or progress?

Ever felt like that? Or perhaps you are in the middle of a chapter, in full flow brimming with ideas...when...the door bell sounds or the phone goes. You quickly have to change tack and when you come back to continue your writing all is gone and doodling flowers or faces is the only thing coming out of your pen.

Has this happened to you?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was something you could listen to, or a process to do, to get you back on track when the going gets tough? I know the feeling when the house work and ironing seems more inviting than the prospect of a blank piece of paper.

Are you ready to hear a solution?

A solution I have which I hope will excite, enthuse and motivate you all to the greatness I believe you all to be.

Have you ever tried to map out your story before you write it?

Silly question, I’m sure that’s fundamental to the writing process.

Have you ever used visualisations to map out the writing process before you begin? To fully use your energy and high vibrations of love, joy, abundance and peace, to  engage your 5 senses, to imagine and dream  about your story, content, message and characters at the beginning, before you put pen to paper as if it’s all real in front of you?

By using creative visualisations you can magnetise your story to you. To be part of that story before you have written it. See the characters, what they are wearing, their voice, tone and message. See the various scenes in front of your eyes. Even visualise the exact audience who will be enthralled and captivated by your story. See the title, blurb and picture cover as if it’s all come to life.

What we focus on expands and the more we can engage and visualise the themes and detail of your story, bringing it to life before you even start to write will be invaluable. The times you have writers block you can listen to a recording of your personalised visualisation and the ideas and themes will come flooding back there in the moment, with greater clarity even than when you were interrupted.

A visualisation connects you to your heart as well as your head. Your wish to help your audience fully engage with your book and find the meaning for their lives which your message will give to them. Imagine how you will feel when you have all the feedback of how your book has helped them and say thank you for it.

Visualise your true life that you would like to live, your message and your unique gift you would like to give to the world through your writing. Thinking about your life up to this moment and the direction you would like your life to continue on in your abundant future.

If you want to find out more about visualization, you can find Elizabeth on her beautiful Website Keys to Transform Your Life and Facebook Group.