5 Ways Writing Your Book will Change Your Life


Anyone reading this must be familiar with the magnificent moment that an idea for a book first visits your mind. You’re taken up on a wave of inspiration and you see all too clearly what life could look like as an author. It’s a vibration that permeates your whole body, and it’s all so real.

And it is real. It’s unfolding right there before you!

Until 48 hours pass and your inner critic tugs you down from those amazing heights.

But let me tell you a secret. The inner critic is a liar. All of your imaginings are all too possible if you can only sustain them over a period of time.

However these new visions can be scary. They take you into the unknown. That’s exactly when the inner critic puts up a terrible fight. It wants you to keep you where everything is certain, safe and mundane. The inner critic will swiftly sabotage all your all your hopes in favor of keeping things normal and boring.

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However in this blog, we’ll be discussing a happier topic! I want to talk about the 5 ways writing a book changes your life! I know it all to well!

  1. Confidence

    Everything seems impossible until it’s done. Or as I always say, being an author becomes the new normal. The boost in confidence you receive after you achieve this dream can be transferred onto anything else you want to do in life. That’s how this type of confidence feels: If you can do this, you can do anything.

  2. Persistence

    You don’t become an author by being lucky, you become an author through persistent action. In that sense it’s an exercise that changes everything. It’s this specific skill you acquire by becoming an author that sets you apart from anyone who is content to keep “aspiring.”

  3. Raising Your Vibration

    Not only does the skill of persistence changes you, but the habit believing in yourself day after day raises your vibration. It’s difficult at first, but you simply dive into the depth of your own inner voice, and consistently show up for your future, until you are permanently transformed.

  4. Professional Foundation

    Whether you are writing a business book, self-help, series fiction, memoir or poetry, nothing will propel you in the direction of your highest visions like writing a book. Why? Not only is it the repeated action of thinking deeply and creating content, once you’ve written a book, no one can take that away from you. It’s a part of your resume forever.

  5. The Anatomy of Dreams

    People don’t tend to realize this, but developing your imagination is one of the most powerful skills you can possess. Being certified in energy work I see exactly how strengthening your inner vision, your imagination and your ability to harness thoughts, is the way you transform your life. When you record it into a book it becomes even more powerful. That’s what it’s done for me.

The picture above was taken of me, back in 2009. I’m at a farm outside of Bogotá, Colombia working on my stories. In a certain sense my husband was my first coach. He believed in what was possible, where I was kind of used to feeling sorry for myself. During the past 9 years, I was able to achieve my biggest successes in both fiction and nonfiction. I couldn’t have done it alone.

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