Turning Challenges Into Strengths: An Energetic Boost for Your Writing!


Writing is a safe place to put fear, anxiety and all your challenges. Stories give the entire spectrum of human experience meaning and value.

Being strong isn’t about repressing emotion, or slapping on a smile when things are tough. It’s about expression how you feel and transforming it.

I love teaching how to use your setbacks and emotions as material for your writing. It enriches your characters in fiction and memoir, and makes weaves examples of greater depth into your self help.

Just in case you’ve been missing out, for the past two days we’ve been doing a Creative Breakthrough Challenge in the Writing Community. The lesson for today, is how to use your resistance and inner critic as material for your writing.

You can catch the Day 3 Video: Turn Challenges into Strengths here.

As well as the Day 3 Workbook to accompany it.

Also, if you missed out on the first two days of the Creative Breakthrough Challenge, here's everything you need to catch up.

Day 1 Video: The Emotional Core of Your Book
Day 1 Worksheet

Day 2 Video: Maximize Your Writing Time
Day 2 Worksheet

Plenty of action steps for this week, right? Can't wait to read your comments!