The 4 Deadly Sins of Not Deciding (w/Free New Years Writing Workbook!)

One of the disadvantages to being abundantly creative is that you have so many ideas and you can’t let any of them go. In the past year, plenty of people have come to me overflowing with projects, and I love helping them get started with the single step that has the highest emotional charge.


For some people, letting go of all the possibilities to focus on just one can feel like a small death.

I get it. I’ve been there.

I often start out writing two books, before one really starts to take momentum and then I go full speed.

Energetically, this moves you from inspiration into a clear vision (from the 7th to the 6th chakra). And let’s face it, if you don’t move forward with the manifesting process, the inspiration wears off. I know that the ability to go from swimming in all the possibilities to honing in on just one has been my secret to moving out of daydreaming into reality.

The fact is, nobody ever decides NOT to write their book. They simply don’t make a clear decision to go through with it and make it a priority. They miss out on becoming an author by default. That’s why the most powerful gift I could offer this season is a tool I use every time I achieve a goal to help me decide what to do next.

When I help people with this one on one, really I’m looking for the biggest emotional charge, where their conscious naturally wants to concentrate. As a result, I’d love to share this decision making tool so you can do this for yourself., Click this link to download!

However, for many of us, the trouble with deciding isn’t just about picking a project and going with it. There are a few concrete blocks that get in the way.

I’ve decided to call these “The 4 Deadly Sins of Not Deciding.” People tell me about these all the time, and they’re always the things that keep them stuck talking about their book, rather than actually writing it. Take a look at the list below, and see if you recognize yourself in any of these.

1.       Blame

Description: I can’t write my book because of kids, work, other commitments, etc.  

Fix: Call yourself out and start in small increments of time. Believe me, your kids do not want to grow up, only to find that their childhood is the reason you didn’t get what you wanted out of life. And as far as your boss goes, don’t let her be a dictator. No matter how stressful life is, stand up for yourself simply by squeezing in 15 minutes to do this for yourself! 

2.       It Doesn’t Matter

Description: Who am I to write this? Somebody else did it already.

Fix: I’ve always said, the real death knell of creativity is, “This doesn’t matter.” That’s why this is called, “The Meaning Method.” You’ve been blessed with this book for a reason. This is your path, and if it’s been floating around in your head enough to read this blog, that means it’s not going away.  It’s time to see that critic for what it is. Boring. There’s no adventure in not learning and growing as an author. If this is your block, start with small steps to build momentum.

3.       Infinite Tomorrows

Description: I’m going to start my book “soon.” But soon extends into a black hole that basically translates to never.

Fix: Schedule it. Make it important. Soon is a close cousin of “it doesn’t matter,” because everything else becomes a priority. A book is an invitation to move to the next level in your life. Don’t put it off! As soon as you realize the creative process for what it is, big shifts happen. Don’t keep them waiting!

4.       Refusing to Choose

Description: If I choose this one thing, I might lose all the others.

Fix: This is a total fallacy, because as long as you don’t choose one thing, none of them get done. You have to choose it NOT to lose it, because the momentum of a clear decision is required to see anything through. When I help people “choose” a project, I know I’m really helping them take a first step, because when you get one done, the rest will be quick to follow.

I call these “The 4 Deadly Sins of Not Deciding” because they’re really a way to hide from the book you want to write. In 2019 let’s recognize them for what they are. Let this be the year to bring those goals to life. If you didn’t download it above, get the free guide, and let me know what you decided in the comments below.