How the Chakras Take You To Creative Heights You've Never Known


After spending years in classes and workshops, I’ve got to admit, nothing has been so transformative to my own creative process as learning about the chakras. Studying the craft of writing is wonderful. You can improve a lot and achieve great things.

However it won’t change your life in the in the same way that it does when you work on your writing from the level of the soul.

Maybe that sounds corny, but it’s honest, and sometimes honest is corny.

Let me to explain. Chakras are energetic organs, kind of like the anatomy of your soul. They first appeared in writing in the earliest Vedic writings, so before that, who knows how old the teachings are. I say they’re like organs because they actually map directly onto the endocrine glands. But that wasn’t discovered until early in the twentieth century.

Chakra Blocks (1).png

But I digress.

There are so many ways to learn and grow from the chakras. They provide an incredible map for your creative energy and spiritual growth.

Usually, I run programs on manifesting your book through the chakras, moving from the top down. So we go from inspiration in the crown, outlining and visualizing in the third eye, finding your voice, etc, all the way to growing your audience in the root. 

Take another look.

It’s a really amazing system, and by figuring out where you usually get stuck and by recognizing that we can find solutions by working it through that phase.

However, today I was on the treadmill and I really started to reflect on how much I’ve grown as an author since I’ve been using the manifesting process. Both things happen simultaneously, you create work, birth it into the world and share it, but you also grow.

Just for fun I created another chart to reflect how this has happened in my life.

Chakra Bottom UP.png

I think about this in all areas of my life, but especially creatively. It actually helps me give myself a break, because I don’t expect to start at stage 5. A lot of us expect to start at stage 5 and that’s just not the way nature works.

It also reminds me that the times of focused growth are often balanced by loving nurturing expansion. The odd numbers are a chance to run ahead, and the even numbers are a chance to explore.

There are so many ways to play with this spiritual system, that will ultimately take you to heights you might not otherwise have known.

This is also why deciding is so important. Because ever time you finish manifesting something down the chakras, it allows you to grow forward up the chakras. In case you didn’t get it last week, be sure to get the Decide Guide this week! Here’s the link.

So much is possible in this New Year, and I can’t wait for the next big journey.