Write Your Book Easily Using Your Existing Social Media Content

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Happy Friday! We’ve made it!

Now let me ask you, will you find time for your creativity this weekend?

It seems that we’re all always stretched for time, trying to grasp just a little of it to accomplish the things that will be genuinely meaningful and fulfilling.

That’s why I’m so excited about the new course I’ve released this week: Turn Your Social Media Content into Your Book. And as a celebration of the launch, it will be on flash sale, 50% off, until 9 PM EST tomorrow.

Perhaps this seems a bit off topic. I usually write about spiritual topics. Honestly, social media is spiritual to me.

As spiritual beings, we have an infinite capacity for creativity and connection. Never in history has technology mirrored that capacity within us as it does now.

So it’s ironic, that we have this global stage to express ourselves and meet others, and we get lost in insecurity counting likes, or comparing ourselves to others. The platform could be used with so much depth, and it destroys us with superficiality. People say they lose hours on their phone and they don’t know where it went. Entrepreneurs say that it’s one of the most time consuming and confusing aspects of their business which often prohibits them from moving ahead. And of course, understandably, it leads to burn out.

However, this is where I see a grand opportunity.

Seen in a different light, platforms like Instagram and Facebook have made writers of us all. We spend more time reflecting on quotes, coming up with new ideas, and solving creative problems. Before Instagram, people used that time watching TV, which didn’t require any participation.

Then the only problem then is that social media doesn’t really require us to grow. That changes the moment you decide to write a book with it. Then you can use the content you’re posting on social media to fill in and develop your big idea.

Let me show you how it works (these are also the modules of the course):

1. 👉 Outline the Book

Once you have the structure (for fiction or nonfiction) you get a clear vision of your book as a whole. That way when you write your social content, it fits into the big picture of advancing your manuscript. 

2. 👉 Plan Your Content Calendar

Here we take the vision of your book and map it onto a content calendar. We use a strategy so you’re never giving away too much and yet, you're always enticing readers with samples of your work.

3. 👉 Engage Your Audience

Next we use your own brilliant ideas in a way that really grows your audience. You're going to learn strategies that increase your numbers, create relationships, and get more friends and followers interested in your content. 

4. 👉 Blog Your Chapters

This is a place where you can have fun sketching your ideas. Plus, with the help of worksheets, you're never confronting a blank page. You always have prompts to get you started. 

5. 👉 Draft the Manuscript

Finally, we make the process of writing your book far less intimidating, because you've developed the ideas and started up the conversation from here. Just imagine, when you sit down to write, most of the hard work is already done. 

Using this process, you’ll find meaning and significance in the content you’re putting out into the world, while connecting with more readers along the way. Check out the link for Turn Your Social Media Content Into Your Book and you’ll find a free sample video on the page.

It’s an exciting time for authors to put their ideas into the world and I’m honored to offer all the support I can, so that you can join this global conversation through experiments and play.