The Most Enchanted Part of You

You may have heard me say this before. I say it a lot.


It’s not just your imagination. Trust your imagination.

The problem is we don’t prioritize our imagination. We’re trained not to! It’s considered silly, the territory of dreamers who live outside the “real world” in a way that seems to insinuate that the real world is a fixed object that we must conform to, rather than mold.

Well, not according to the chakras. In this process of manifestation an idea moves from inspiration in the crown chakra to images in the third eye. Everything that exists has been imagined into reality.

Whereas the crown is the seat of inspiration, the third eye is the seat of the imagination. It’s where you begin to see, plan and outline an idea. It’s where you visualize what you want to create.

What people don’t know about the third eye is the meaning. Its Sanskrit name is Anja, which means to perceive and command. That’s right, the proper function of the imagination is to receive ideas and make them happen in the real world. The stuff that goes on in your imagination isn´t for nothing. Now it’s time to perceive and command. You’re meant to make your dreams reality.

The thing I love most about stories is they get your insides outside of you.

Ernest Becker said…

The artist takes in the world but instead of being oppressed by it, he reworks it in his own personality and re-creates it as work.

When I first heard that quote I didn’t get it. What did he mean by oppressed?

But upon further reflection, of course that’s true. If we go through life and never express the imprint it makes on us then we’re not just repressed, we’re oppressed. We’re letting the world shove us around without saying anything. On the other hand, if we choose to make art out of our experience we have the capacity to make the ugliest moments beautiful. By giving voice to the internal experience created by an external situation we make it human. Stories give all life experiences value.

That’s really why I started studying the chakra system of manifestation two years ago. On September 30th, I’ll be opening the Chakra Writing Lab with special special prackages for one week.

It shows you how to successfully manifest your book from first inspiration to successful publication using practical writing strategies and energy work.

Energy work can span from anything like meditation, yoga, or tapping. I’m going to focus on the chakras, to give you an incredible boost in creativity. What are chakras? They’re energetic organs, kind of like the anatomy of your soul. When they’re healthy your life flows easily, but when they're blocked, you get blocked too. Even if you’re not familiar with your chakras, you’ve been using them all your life.

You have 7 chakras that correspond to your body. They run from the “crown” of your head down to the “root” at the base of your spine. Each one represents a stage of creativity. Like this:

Chakra Manifestion.png

by engaging the chakras you’ll bust through blocks and move through the creative process in a way that’s both enlightening and magical. When you see your book through all the way to the end, your life will change more than you can imagine. You don’t have to wait until next week! Get started now with the Chakra Writing Kickstarter by clicking the link.