Looking for Guidance? Inner Guidance?


Always remember you're not alone. 

No matter what kind of creative journey you're embarking on, you always have access to both interior and exterior guidance.  I'm here for exterior guidance, obviously, but you can also develop your own intuition to increase creativity and productivity. 

Often when we get blocked we're taking on to much and not asking for help. I’ve written a lot on the topic of inner guidance, aligning the chakras, using synchronicity and going deep with muses, and most authors get that sense that they’re receiving help from somewhere.

In her book “Big Magic” Elizabeth Gilbert talked about her own experiences being visited by “ideas” and bringing the to life. Those stories caught like wildfire and there was quite a buzz about it in creative circles.

I remember the first time I heard the phrase “develop your intuition,” my own heart caught fire. For the first time I thought, “You mean intuition isn’t something that just hits you out of nowhere? It’s actually a skill that can be learned and developed?”

And so it is. Just like writing.

They’re both natural human capacities (instinct and language) that can be cultivated into something much more. And it makes for a very exciting adventure in both worlds!

That’s why I’ve created The Writer’s Lab which allows you to experiment with both writing, spirituality and intuition.

If you want to increase your creative chemistry, it’s loads of fun. We’ll be starting the festivities next week, so be sure to sign up for the Free 3 Day Challenge: Dissolve the Emotional Blocks to Writing Your Book.

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But for now, I’d love to explain 3 ways in which you can develop your inner guidance, and become more creative.

1.      Inner Knowing

Right now, my four-year- old is learning all about the 5 senses. And the thing I want to remind him of, but am not quite sure how to explain, is always to remember, every sense you have outside of yourself, you have inside yourself as well.

Each of your 5 senses and more (emotions and intuition) can be accessed solely in your imagination.

For a long time it was argued in schools that creativity can’t be taught. I believe if listening to your exterior world can be taught, listening to your interior world can be taught. There is so much going on inside of us, entire worlds to be invented, and the more you explore, the more adept you get.  

2.       Trust Yourself

All of my beloved clients will tell you, that when you start to write a book, the book starts writing you. This is partially because of that practice of following your inner knowing. Listening to your intuition habitually and letting it take the lead.  

As you allow yourself to be more creative, your outer world shifts as well.

Let me give you an example. One of the biggest fears people have when writing a book, is that it will hurt their relationships, or that people will judge them for taking time to write. I always say, “Don’t fret, it will turn out differently anyway.”

And it does, during the creative process emotions move, people start to see you differently, relationships shift. It’s an intuitive process that I can’t quite explain, but in general the things people worry about don’t happen, and life gets better instead.

3.       Creativity Expands with Self-Care (especially meditation)

This is a phrase I use a lot, because the more courageous I became with my writing and my voice, the more I had to deal with anxiety, blocks and push back from my ego. The fact is, some of what is keeping you stuck might be allowing negative thoughts and habits to run rampant.

Therefore as you become more yourself, you take better care of yourself.

Self-care is actually very simple and healthy. It’s about listening to your intuitive needs. Think about what you eat, how you move your body, who you talk to. Are you really listening to your intuitive needs and doing things that support you? Or are you numbing out with food, or listening to people who don’t believe in you?

If you’re not sure how to listen to your intuitive needs, begin with meditation. You don’t have to try any complex practice or completely shut down your thoughts. Simply sit back and see what comes up. It might be emotional, it might be inspirational, you don’t know until you try. And just listen for a while.

These the tenants may seem fairly simple, and you may wonder, how does this allow me to develop my intuition?

Intuition isn’t as “other-worldy” as you might think. It’s simply a different way of understanding this world. The more you look within, the more you’ll discover.